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sustainable management of the forests, the quality and tracability of our products test



100% integrated french oak

100 % PEFC French oak / Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

We are committed to a programme of sustainable forest management (PEFC). The Bureau Veritas Certification attests that Tonnellerie Berthomieu / Ermitage respects the defined criteria for the certification of the chain of control ((BV/CdC/2172175 f) PEFC as described in the documentation published by the PEFC.



HACCP / Food safety 

From the stave mill to the cooperage, we adhere to HACCP standards (a systematic preventive approach that identifies, evaluates and controls significant dangers relating to food safety). Bureau Veritas issues a verification statement of its HACCP plan after inspection (BV/090/ RE) which ensures the alimentary quality of our products.  


French oak

Bureau Veritas issues us with verification statements (N°BV/102-2/RE) for the traceability of our “French Origin” and for our oak source materials.  


French Origin Guaranteed

The “Origine France Garantie” label provides consumers with product traceability by giving a clear and objective indication of origin. Obtaining the label is based on two cumulative criteria that companies must necessarily meet to obtain it: - Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is French (95% for the Berthomieu and Ermitage barrels and 100% for its stave mills) - The product takes on its essential characteristics in France. Our certification is regularly validated by Bureau Veritas.



French oak staves natural ageing

Bureau Veritas Inspection issues us certificates of recognition (N °BV/102-2/RE) for our control of the duration of natural aging in the open air of the stave which makes up our Berthomieu / Ermitage barrels.



TCA/TCP controle system

Levels of haloanisoles, halophenols and lindane


  • Monitoring of water used in the production process, (watering, rinsing, steam water)
  • Atmospheric testing (zones that store staves, finished product and dry goods, the stave mill and cooperage workshops)
  • Verification of packaging (cartons, shrink wrap, bungs in silicone or wood, etc.)
  • Testing of all products or materials used in the manufacturing process (flour, stainless steel fixations, supports, machine parts, etc.)
  • Inspection of stave lots on reception
  • Verification of containers (use of ‘barrier’ protective covers)